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Multi-Linguistic Translation and Evaluation Services (MTES) will help you to find a job, identify training or higher education opportunities and tap into resources to gain new skills.

You may be able to find a new job. However, finding the right job, the one that matches your personal style and professional goals, is something else.

We will help you to find that job through consultation and face-to-face meeting. We help all kind of job seekers including but not limited to students, businesses and career professionals, who are looking for employment. We will provide you necessary information and will explain our services as well as how you achieve your career goals and objectives.

A good professional job pays well!

MTES will help you to find your desire job in two steps:

Step 1

All staff and every member of MTES, even managers will act as an extension of your event planning team. Our top priority is to ensure that your meetings run smoothly and accomplish your objectives.

It is important to know that we are not an employment agency, or a recruiter. We advise job seekers the trick to find a job, we review their educational documents and level of education they are in and match it against the job market as well as the job that they would like to apply and we determine to re-write their resume, if is necessary.

Step 2

After collection of all necessary documents, we will move to step II of job finding. We distribute your resume in to a pull of companies that hiring managers and decision makers are able to review your resume and if they are interested, they directly call you for phone interview and if everything goes well, they make a face-to-face appointment with you.

The job that they might offer you can be contract, contract-to-hire and or permanent opportunities. A contract position has a specific end date, while a contract- to-hire position has the potential to become permanent after the contract period is complete.

100 Best Companies to Work for

MTES will help you to have a chance of face-to-face interview and understand that you are in a correct pass. We are able to tell you about your approach to the job you are applying. In fact, we will increase your chance of being hired.

If is possible, we identify available positions that fit your skills, personality and career goals and guide you through the hiring process, from interview to placement.

MTES will help you to find your desire job through career counseling, resume enhancement, interview preparation, skills training, open house events, local job fairs, and with general advice on the local job market and workplace trends.

At MTES, we can also connect you with our network of leading employers in your area.

Whatever you are good at, we want to make you better, and whatever you are looking for in a career, we want to help you find it.

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