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If you received your educational credentials in a country outside of the United States, you must evaluate your educational credentials in order the universities, institutions, schools, colleges, employers, certification boards and even immigration office to understand and recognize your credentials as its equivalent level of education in the United States.

In other word, Credential Evaluation is a process, which compares your credentials with their U.S. educational equivalents. The evaluation is advisory, it is designed to help academic institutions, licensing boards, and employers in the U.S. understand foreign credentials.

Multi-linguistic Translation and Evaluation Services (MTES) is a private and independent educational credential evaluation organization committed to formulate and maintain ethical standards in the field of foreign educational evaluation.

Our organization helps students, job seekers, employers, educators, immigrants and professional licensures to achieve their educational goals.

We bring over 10 years of experience in foreign credentials evaluation, with knowledge and proven professionalism in the field of international education and evaluation.

We have qualified senior credential evaluation staff with at least 5 years of full-time experience in international admissions, international education, and ability to evaluate academic credential worthiness.

We, at Multi-linguistic Translation and Evaluation Services (MTES) follow and maintain significant professional involvement in organizations such as NACES; NAFSA; AACRAO; WES; ECE and many more. :

We Provide

Foreign Educational Credential Evaluation in all Levels as follow:

Why Do You need Evaluation

In the United States, and professional board and agency will require the candidate's credential evaluation. Our evaluation can help you to speed up your licensing and certification process

Employers try to hire talented and internationally educated workers, in order to win the competition with their competitors. Therefore, the employers are trying to identify and hire top talent from around the world by asking their credential evaluations and its equivalency with the education in the United States

If you have international education credentials, our evaluation will help you to meet university or college admissions requirements. Our evaluation also can help you to find a job in the United States or, qualify you for professional licensing

Our Services are characterized with:

We stand by every evaluation and provide you with our unique 100% quality guarantee.

Our evaluation team tries to deliver the highest accuracy of the document equivalency

Our clients can get the estimation of our service free of charge
Our Projects Are Accurate, On Time and Within Budget


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